Monday, October 4, 2010

The virgin blogger.

This is my first blog entry....ever.  

For many months now, my husband, has encouraged me to create a blog to express the endless ideas and thoughts that pass through my mind.  I have always enjoyed writing, but didn't want to write without a purpose. This past weekend, while awaiting our order at a local Mexican restaurant, I announced to Louie that I have finally found my purpose.  Welcome to The Daily Act.

I have philanthropy in my blood and was raised volunteering throughout my childhood whether it be holding post at a bake sale with my brownie troop to raise money for a local organization to singing holiday carols at a senior daycare center, I love helping others.  This love for helping others has carried with me and so I have decided commit to a least one act of kindness daily.  This sounds simple, right?  I mean, it's easy to be nice to people, but often we forget to go out of our way for someone in need or a complete stranger. That's my plan- to help others and share my experiences.

The purpose of my blog isn't to guilt you into doing things that you don't want to do, but my hope is that my acts will naturally encourage you to do good and help others.

And so here it goes...

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