Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Be Kind to Mother Earth...

Today my act of kindest is in honor of our dear Mother Earth.  It's very simple.  I went to the grocery store and I used my recycled grocery bags.  
Plastic ends up in landfills and sadly, many plastic grocery bags end up blown into rivers, lakes and the sea. Animals then eat the plastic bags or get caught in them resulting in the death of many thousands of animals, fish and birds every year. 

As an animal lover, once I read that fact, I never looked back.  Here are some great reusable bags that are both stylish and functional:

If you use your recycled grocery bags at Trader Joe's, you get to enter into a raffle for a free shopper tote and a $25 gift certificate.

See! Now you have no excuse. Recycle & Reuse.

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