Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lean on Me.

Be present. Listen. Support. 

I remind myself of these simple words all the time.  The reality is, these are the most challenging things for me to do.  Life has been really busy lately- out of control busy and when life gets like this, these words become less familiar and more distant. 

Lately, my "busy life" has consisted of carpet swatches, paint colors, travel plans and work.  Last night I received an unexpected phone call that I believe was a message from the universe reminding me of what's really important. 

My neighbor called to invite me to a party that she's calling the "stop me from jumping over the balcony party"- this neighbor is a bit eccentric so the name of the party didn't surprise me.  What did surprise me was this friendly phone exchange and an invitation to the party since I'm accustomed to her yelling at me for accidentally dripping water on to her balcony from watering my plants.  Five minutes into the conversation, she  admitted that the party is to celebrate the birthday of her late husband who passed away unexpectedly last Spring.  Ugh. My heart sank.

I immediately became more attentive- she needs someone to listen to her and to support her. At that moment, I realized that the ultimate act of kindness is simply being there for someone else. 

Being present. Listening. Supporting. 


  1. You are so right Morgan.. This weekend will be five years since my dad; who was the best dad EVER passed away. I think people should live life like there is no tomorrow, treat family like this is the last day you will see them and keep true friends close. In the end, family and friends are all that matters.

  2. Thanks Meka and thanks for sharing. I'm sorry for your loss. xoxo