Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Chotchkie Queen.

My recent donation of blankets and jackets to the Rescue Mission inspired me to do more cleaning around the house. We live in a small place so stuff builds up quickly.  And "apparently" my friends think that I'm a chotchkie collector.  What's a chotchkie?  Well, according to Urban Dictionary, it's a "A small piece of worthless crap, a decorative knick knack with little or no purpose."  To me, each and every chotchkie in my home has sentimental value thus the enormous collection of stuff.  

With the holidays approaching that means gifts and more chotchkies will be entering the home.  What better time to organize and clean out old, unused household items than now?  So, this past weekend, I "de-chotchkied" the house, packed up the old stuff and today I dropped off my treasures to the nearest Goodwill.  Not only does today's act give me "good points" for donating items, but the hubby is very happy about the clutterless house and the tax write-off!  So, it's a win-win.  

If I can leave you with any advice it would be, don't just throw those old treasures in the trash- donate them.  There are many organizations that will take those goods and many people out there that will get good use out of your treasures.  

For a Goodwill near you: http://locator.goodwill.org/

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