Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami in Japan- How You Can Help

***UPDATE: You can donate to the Red Cross by texting 90999 and $10 will automatically be donated. 

I'm sitting here helplessly watching the devastation in Japan and wondering what we can do here to help.  My first thought was the American Red Cross. The news this morning says that teams are already headed to Japan to help and I can only imagine the amount of money and resources it takes to help after such a horrific natural disaster.  

So, if you can help- DONATE HERE:

My thoughts & prayers go out to all of those affected. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Milk Dud Story.

I had a moment last night that I think is worthy of sharing...

The movie theater that I went to makes you purchase your movie ticket at the snack counter.  As I proceeded to the  counter, I noticed that an elder man with a shopping cart full of blankets and newspapers was talking to the theater employee behind the counter.  He was a groomed man, with tattered yet clean clothing on.  I was behind him in line and was curious about what was going on, so I started listening in on his conversation with the employee.
The elder man was asking the employee item-by-item how much each snack item cost.  She would tell him the price of an item, he would then count the change in his pocket and nod his head that the item was too expensive.  He then pointed to some Milk Duds.  The employee told him the price, he agreed that he wanted them and then as he was counting his money, he realized that he was $0.50 short of purchasing them.  Selfishly, I was anxious to buy my ticket and to get my seat so I didn't even notice the opportunity for an act of kindness.  I reached into my purse, pulled out a $1 bill and told the man that I would like to help him pay for his candy.  He was thrilled and offered to pay me the $0.50 change- I declined and told him to keep the change.  At that moment I realized that had done something special for this man.

As he was putting his $0.50 change in his pocket he said to me, "God Bless you."  He then started to walk away without his Milk Duds so I laughed and reminded him to not forget his candy!  As he reached for the candy, he looked at me again and said, "What's your name?"  I told him my name and he then said, "Morgan, I am going to say a prayer for you today."

It was $1 out of my pocket that likely helped feed this man (albeit candy).  I didn't realize the value of my gesture until later in the evening when I reflected on an important fact that I learned at the SD Senior Center volunteer orientation: the one Senior Center on 4th & Beech feeds 750,000 seniors each year and MAJORITY of those senior are homeless simply because they can't afford cost of living.  The next time you see a senior on the street, at the very least say "hello" to them and if you can buy then a coffee or a snack, even better.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

life is not a dress rehearsal.

Where the heck have I been for the past 2 months?!  Well, there's really no excuse for my BIG dry-spell in blog writing except that I simply needed some "me time".  I felt like I gave up so much of myself over the holidays that I forgot to nurture myself.  The past 2 months have been amazing and I have really had a new transformation.

I don't know how else to put this, but I realized that I was a bit on the hefty side thanks to the amazing gifts of baked goods and nightly "meals on a stick" at holiday parties.  The month began with a group of 6 of us who ventured out on our very own "Biggest Loser" contest.  We used the honor system to weigh in and used a nifty online tool to track our competition.  It started 1/3/11 and ended 2/3/11- collectively, we lost a lot of weight so I'm very proud of the group.  Of course, the main reason I'm telling you about this event is because I WON!!  Yep, 9.5 lbs. of much needed "bulk" are officially of of this bod.  It was hard work, but I kept reminding myself that I deserve to take better care of myself and must be kind to my body or it will come back and bite me when I'm old.

Also, I attended orientation at the Senior Community Center of San Diego.  Looks like I will be putting in some hours to help our local seniors by doing such tasks as serving lunch, helping with bingo, etc.  Can't wait!

Probably one of the most amazing February's of my life.  I joke that I was on vacation for the entire month of February, but really, that was pretty close to true!  Louie and I took the trip of a lifetime to the Caribbean on a Windstar Cruise Ship with Tobin James Winery and Top Chef Master, Cindy Pawlcyn.  I don't have words to describe the trip except that it was simply amazing and worth every penny.  We made some amazing friends and saw parts of the world that we may have never had the privilege of seeing.  It's trips like this that remind me that there's a "bigger picture" to life than the small bubble of work, bills, family and daily chores- trips like this remind me just how small we are and how amazingly beautiful the world we live in really is. 

I have come back a new, me.  I'm rested, tanned and recharged.  It took a few days to get back to reality, but I finally feel motivated to get back to doing good for others and can't wait to share my adventures with you.  Remember to take time for yourself- recharge, close your eyes and smell/listen/feel what's around you, live in the moment and put your feet in the sand.  

As my mom reminded me today, 
"...keep doing what you do- LIFE is not a dress rehearsal"